What is High-Pressure Processing (HPP)?

A non-thermal food processing technique based on the application of high levels of hydrostatic pressure transmitted by water.
High pressures inactivates the microorganism to help increase food safety and extend shelf life of food and beverage products.


Not pasteurization.
HPP is a non-thermal method to naturally preserve food.


Uses high levels of hydrostatic pressure to successfully inactivate microorganisms in food.


Doesn't affect the nutritional values of food, and retains food quality with natural freshness.


Scientifically proven to effectively control pathogens and spoilage organisms in food.

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We are committed to offer the best service to our customers, so we count with the best technology from Hiperbaric, the world leader in HPP technologies. Our machine is one of the most reliable HPP equipment in the market for numerous food and beverage applications. From small companies to large multinationals, we can process natural, safe, and ready-to-eat products.

  • FEMS Microbiology Letters
    HPP is an industrially tested technology that offers a physical alternative to a wide range of food processing technologies. It prolongs shelf life while preserving organoleptic qualities by inactivating microorganisms and enzymes and leaving flavours and vitamins intact.
    FEMS Microbiology Letters
    Oxford University, England
  • European Food Safety Authority
    High-pressure processing (HPP) of food is effective at destroying harmful microorganisms and poses no more food safety concerns than other treatments.
  • Dawn C.P. Ambrose
    Inactivation of microorganisms, retention of nutrients without loss in vitamins and natural flavour, colour etc. could be achieved in the method of High Pressure Processing, which is now an emerging technology in the food industries.
    Dawn C.P. Ambrose
    Principal Scientist, CIAE, India
  • Ministry of Science and Technology
    HPP technology extends the storage life, maintains the flavors and nutritional value, and increases the value proposition of products. In addition, it extends the shelf life, reduces the defect rate, and helps expand the target markets of the product.
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