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Smart Food Solutions – SFS FZCO, is the first HPP (High-Pressure Processing) tolling facility in the UAE and Middle East Region. SFS is born as an initiative of young and well-experienced entrepreneurs wishing to offer innovative, natural and clean food alternatives to customers with high expectations.
HPP – High-Pressure Processing is a non-thermal and chemicals free technology with the ability to extend the shelf life of packaged food products.
HPP respects the sensorial and nutritional properties of food. Being a cold pasteurization treatment, maintains the original freshness and yummy flavor of your favorite food products throughout the shelf-life.

The Beauty of the HPP

High Pressure Processing is a cold pasteurization technique which consists of subjecting precious food, previously sealed in flexible, attractive and water-resistant packaging, to a high level of hydrostatic pressure (pressure transmitted by water) up to 600 MPa / 87,000 psi for a few seconds to a few minutes. It is the same effect as subjecting the food to an ocean depth of 60 Km deep -if an ocean this deep existed. Can you believe it?

Pressures above 400 MPa / 58,000 psi at cold (+ 4ºC to 10ºC) or ambient temperature inactivate the vegetative flora (bacteria, virus, yeasts, molds and parasites) present in food, extending the products shelf life importantly and guaranteeing food safety.

Diagram of operation of an HPP unit:

The Nicer Stuff: Advantages

Keeps original flavors and nutrients:

Thermal methods, traditionally used in the food industry for food preservation, carry disadvantages like vitamin destruction or flavor changes that can be avoided with HPP.

Characteristics of the fresh product are retained, sensorial and nutritional properties remain almost intact:

Greater and awesome food quality.

Extends product shelf life:

Lower returns, improved customer satisfaction, happy clients.

Destroys pathogens:

(Listeria, E. coli, Salmonella, lactic acid bacteria, Vibrio, Norovirus, yeast and mold that are present in food).

Reduces drastically the overall microbiological spoiling flora:

Higher quality along shelf life.

Avoids or reduces the need for food preservatives:

Clean label foods (Natural/Additive Free).

New innovative food propositions. Products that can not be thermally treated can now be High Pressure Processed:

Innovation and competitive advantages

Able to shuck molluscs or extract crustacean meat without boiling:

Higher yields, fresh flavor, minimum hand labor...


HPP Service

Smart Food Solutions is the smart solution to help food manufacturers of:

  • Juices
  • Cold cuts meats (sliced meats, sausages)
  • Hummus (and other dips)
  • Fresh Salsas
  • Ready meals (soups, sandwiches, salads, stews, etc.)
  • Mother Sauces
  • Airline catering meals
  • Baby Food
  • Sea Food
  • Dairy
  • Vinaigrette Dressing
  • Innovative Creations

To implement the HPP method in their production steps in both, existing and new products.


Our team of specialized Chefs and Food Technologists are your right hand in the development of innovative products, considering key aspects such as shelf life extension, food safety, etc.

Passionate about healthy food and healthy leaving

This is our grain of sand for a better world with plenty options of fresh, clean, wholesome, raw, safe and long lasting food products.

The HPP effect by SFS: Our Formula

Consuming High Pressure Processing food products*
Healthy Life Style **
Stress Free and Pressure Free Living

*Healthy Diet
** Active Living: Swimming, Running, Dancing, Don’t forget about Laughing
** Connecting with your Inner Strength and the Universe

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