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What is High-Pressure Processing (HPP)?

A non-thermal food processing technique based on the application of high levels of hydrostatic pressure transmitted by water.
High pressures inactivates the microorganism present in food, increasing food safety and shelf life of food and beverage products.

Benefits of HPP

Shelf Life Extension
Food Safety Guaranteed
Respects nutritional value
Retains color and flavor
New Market Opportunities
Reduce Food Waste
Clean Label
Innovative Products
Improve Supply Chain Operations

HPP Applications

Juices and Beverages
Soups and Broths
Ready To Eat Meals
Hummus, Dips, Salsas and Spreads
Wet Salads
Baby Food
Vegetables and Fruit Products
Meat and Seafood Products
Pet Food

Other Services

Together with our HPP service,
we also offer the following:

- Product Development

- Consultancy

Test your product for HPP and see the difference.